The Power of AI in Self Publishing, Elevate Your Writing, Marketing, and Book Sales with AI

We’ve all heard about AI, from the reign of ChatGPT to the incredible amount of new AI products, services, and companies that have formed in the last year. It seems to have touched almost every part of industry, from film making and writing to social media and advertising. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have a massive effect on book writing and self publishing as well! AI can be an incredibly helpful and powerful tool to save time, energy, and put you on the right track when self publishing. From the writing process to the publication process, there is an aspect of AI that is helpful and applicable at every step! Particularly when it comes to editing  Today, we are revealing all and walking you through the process of how best to utilize AI. You’ll be saving eons of effort in no time! Thank us later. 

1.Streamlining Editorial Processes 

Have you heard of NLP? Natural Language Processing is a transformative way to make your editing process incredibly easy and time efficient. Large amounts of content can be handled 10x faster than a regular human working away to meticulously edit and review pages of words. This can help with detecting errors, checking grammar rules, improving sentence structure, suggesting revisions, and ultimately being a fantastic final checker to a manuscript. AI when it comes to editing can also help tagging and organizing content for future pieces or ideas, as well as content categorization and publishing workflows. When you are able to systematically organize your work, chapters, or ideas for what is to come, you are already halfway to a successful writing journey. Furthermore, readers can better find books that suit their interests on the demand side. 

Here are the top AI tools for streamlining editorial processes:


Uncovering valuable keywords, produces optimized content through algorithms that Google SEO analysis. You can easily boost organic traffic, and it operates in over 50 languages!


Using Jasper, you can create seamless content, from marketing campaigns to written content, from blogs to copywriting. Not only can it help you to make your content SEO ready, but also perfect your brand and messaging. Try out Jasper for its multitude of uses and services. is a general assistant to help with everything copy and creative! From editing transcripts to organizing ideas, the options are plentiful. Offering services of long form articles, social media, product descriptions, content briefs, ad copy, sales copy, and more. SEO alignment is a part of the platform, so everything you create will be ready to go live. 

2.Data-Driven Guidance 

The power of algorithms is undeniable- in a reality where they rule our world, from advertising to social media to communication worldwide, the algorithm is key to getting your messaging to an audience. By studying patterns in sales, social media, and online discussions, this helps advertisers and publishers find what content is most popular, what is circulating, and how it gets where it goes. Especially for those looking to begin their next book and with multiple ideas lined up in front of them, data driven insights can be vital in guiding their next idea or masterpiece. AI-powered predictive analytics can show which genres or topics are in demand, pointing you towards where best to place your energy for success. This reduces publication risks and ensures successful publication on the shelves.

Here are top tools to use for algorithm guidance and SEO-optimization: 


INK is an AI tool that encompasses three different components: an AI writer, an SEO optimization tool, and content planning. These can be used individually or as a full package (also known as the INK suite). You can easily streamline your writing process through using the various tools offered to deliver a perfect user experience. From key words to best topics, it’s all here! 


A pro tool for analyzing words, websites, integrating keywords, and helping to write content briefs, Marketmuse is specifically for SEO marketers and content managers. This applies just as much to self publishing, especially when it comes to Ebooks or short stories that will grace the internet. You can identify types of content that will rank highest, saving you hours of analysis and research. There is also a built in AI powered research tool to generate personalized keyword results. 


This is a great resource for planning, researching, and creating content that is SEO centric! Whether that is marketing materials for your new novel or releasing chapters as teasers, this will help drive organic growth and readers. The planning page allows for keyword selection and topic clusters. If you’re lacking in inspiration, this is a one stop shop! 

3.Personalized Reader Experience and Content Niche Creation

A double, deadly duo! The way that any book is successful is because, well, people discover it and pick it up. Without the pathways to discovering and consuming literature, all your hard work would be for naught. Recommendation engines powered by AI help to analyze your readers browsing history, reading habits, and interests to suggest books that they would enjoy. This can help people to discover new authors and series they enjoy- including yours! AI also helps to ensure your content plan for the release of your book is perfect, and marketable to the audience in question. You can get creative using interactive storytelling methods that AI can help with, such as videos, images, and even virtual reality. Here are some key AI platforms to help you tell your story efficiently and succinctly! 


A fantastic tool for budding storytellers, Sudowrite operates almost as a second brain! It has tools to help you navigate the storytelling process, overcome writer’s block, and helps with revisions and first drafts. It was made specifically with fiction writers in mind. 


Catering to discovery writers and with a minimalist design, this tool can help you maintain creativity and stay focused on your writing. An interesting feature is a character database, which helps ensure consistency in character interactions and dialogues.  It also has the ability to analyze manuscripts and compare them to bestselling books- a true gold feature! 


acting as a virtual content assistant, Peppertype is specifically made to help generate user centric content. It is used to provide the most relevant responses for the user. It is a great assistant for the writing process and can help format sentences, check for errors, and help wrap up your writing into a perfect package. 

4.Marketing your Book 

AI has helped you get this far in terms of the writing process, editing journey, and making sure your content is optimized for the masses. Now that your book is on its way to publication, congrats! AI can help you as well by taking it a step further with marketing and social media. Many of the tools listed above do just that and more, but to hone in on this element we found you a few more tools that will be useful for making sure your book makes a big impact on the world. 


Enabling you to create content faster and at scale, you can craft personal and on brand messages like never before. Acting as a personal copywriter, get unique captions and content ideas in seconds. The days of spending hours brainstorming are long gone! Other additional perks include scheduling, hashtags, and analytics. 


This tool allows you to take content from a larger context (such as a book!) and disseminate it into social media posts to promote your work. The perfect sidekick! A dashboard of social media tools can also be used for scheduling and project management. Analyze metrics on social pages and determine the best posting times. 


An AI driven social media platform, it helps carry out advanced audience insights and tracks analytics and content feeds. When you have unified content, you are able to see all posts on all platforms. Tools suggest optimal posting times, and you have easy multi channel management at your fingertips. Easy peasy!

Ultimately, the impact and help that AI can provide for book writing is undeniable! Especially as a self publishing author, having an extra helping hand whenever you need it is wonderful. From editing to marketing to even drafting your first copy, these tools can be invaluable. It’s important to keep in mind that no AI generated content is perfect upon first glance- it’s important to make sure to double check for plagiarism and errors on all the drafts you create with the help of AI, as well as to add the vital human touch that makes writing personable. Ultimately, AI is a tool that will profoundly change the industry and can enhance reader experience. As AI keeps evolving, there are exciting opportunities at the intersection of writing, publication, and literature in general.