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We offer highly-customized, hands-on service for every book project. Explore some of our past book projects and see what customers have said about their experience with PufferPrint.

Jeremy was amazing to work with! All my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I just received 1000 copies of my board book Sleep Tight Farm, an alphabet book. They are perfect! Couldn't be happier with PufferPrint!
— Lindsey Perry
Great service and great prices!
— Marc Bergreen
FIVE STARS AND BEYOND! Jeremy and the Pufferprint team go above and beyond to support you as you work through the publishing process- I write this as a novel author, and I can sense that his support and knowledge match both a novice and experienced writer! I am excited to continue working together and for my book to come to life!
— Danielle Kent
Jeremy and the PufferPrint team were so accommodating. Being my first book going to print, they walked me through each step of the process and kept me well informed along the way. Their professionalism and knowledge were TOP NOTCH. I will continue using PufferPrint for my future printing needs. They are the BEST!!!! And I couldn't be happier with the quality of my books! Karlie Belle Price
— Karlie Belle Price

Books We've Printed

From children’s books to memoirs to educational pamphlets, check out the books we’ve helped bring to life — for first-time authors, experienced writers, non-profits, and more.

Notch The Dolphin

"Notch" is a true story based on a dolphin in need, and the humans who helped him. It's an 8.5x11" hardcover book with a matte cover and matte interior.

Bucky The Dino

"Bucky" is a 10.25x10.25" hardcover book with a matte art paper dust jacket, matte cover, and matte interior.

Dumb Answers to Kids Questions

"Dumb Answers to Kids Questions" is a laugh-out-loud funny book about the common questions kids ask. This 108 page 6x8" illustrated book has a matte cover and matte interior.

From A-Z Animals Get Funky

"From A-Z Animals Get Funky" is a 34 page 8.5x11" book with a glossy cover and matte interior pages.

Zara's Big Messy Day (That Turned Out Okay)

"Zara's Big Messy Day" has been printed in both hardcover and softcover formats in 8.5x11." The softcover has a glossy finish on the cover, while the hardcover has a matte finish.

Sally the Shoe

"Sally The Shoe" is a lovely story about a shoe who does good deeds. It's an 8x10" hardcover book with a glossy cover and glossy interior pages.

Little Dumplings

"Little Dumplings" is a board book celebrating cultural unity through shared food traditions. It's a 6x6" board book with a glossy cover and glossy interior finish.

Tears & Tulle

"Tears and Tulle" is an 8.5x11" hardcover book with an offset paper interior and offset dust jacket over a matte cover.

Vlad's First Fang

"Vlad's First Fang" is a 6x9" hardcover about a little vampire getting his first tooth. It has a matte cover and matte interior.

Lulu's Bonfire

"Lulu's Bonfire" is a 5.74x6.25" board book with stunning illustrations. Jeff went with a matte cover for his book.

Monstrous Me

"Monstrous Me" is a beautifully illustrated book that anyone can relate to about our "inner monsters." It's an 8"x10" hardcover book with matte cover and matte interior pages.


"Eva" is an amazing collection of bilingual baby devotions. It is a 6"x6" boardbook with glossy lamination.

Case Studies

Explore past book projects from start to finish. We uncover everything from the author’s budget, goals, and experience, technical book details, marketing, and more.

First-Time Children’s Book Author Brings Women’s Empowerment Story To Life With A Unique Hardcover Book

Gina came to PufferPrint as a first-time self-published author with the ambition to create a beautiful book to support her global “Tears and Tulle” movement. The book is framed as a children’s book given its large 8.5x11 format and beautiful images, but in reality, it’s a book for all ages about reconnecting with one’s inner child.

While she had a definite vision for the look and feel of the book she wanted to produce, she had a lot of questions about the process and how to get there.


Seasoned Self-Published Author Prints Over 25,000 Books

PufferPrint reached out to Rebekah “Bex” Borucki when we noticed her well-executed Kickstarter campaigns for her self-published children’s book, "Zara’s Big Messy Day," a book on mindfulness and breathing for kids. We started working together shortly thereafter.

The first run of 1,250 hardcover copies of "Zara’s Big Messy Day" went so well that 6 months later, Bex reached out again for a reprint of Zara in hardcover. She also wanted to print another book in the Zara series, titled "Zara’s Big Messy Bedtime."


Team of First-Time Authors Create Successful Board Book

The "Little Dumplings" team is made up of a group of friends that came together to celebrate culture, diversity, and food in "Little Dumplings." They all felt that shared food traditions can be a great way to celebrate our similarities, despite cultural and geographic differences.

The first time the "Little Dumplings" team connected with PufferPrint, we provided insights to help them understand requirements for using ISBNs, as well as some tips and tricks for a successful Kickstarter campaign. In addition, we sent them a preliminary quote to create 500 boardbooks.


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