How to Promote Your Book Using #BookTok

When it comes to self-publishing a book, you know just how hard it can be to get your message out there. You have incredible ideas and so much to say, but it can be difficult to find your voice in a sea of aspiring authors.

That’s where TikTok comes in. This popular social media platform isn’t just for lip-sync battles and dancing teens, it’s a great place for authors to engage with their readers and build a fan base.

One of the ways to do that is to use the #BookTok hashtag.

This hashtag has brought together a community of book lovers and authors who want to share their passion for reading and literature with the world. And by developing your presence within this community, you can easily promote your book with the power of social media.

Book marketing doesn’t have to be a challenge. By learning more about TikTok and the #BookTok community, you can build momentum for your upcoming book by growing your audience and engaging with your biggest fans.

What is #BookTok?

#BookTok is a popular hashtag on TikTok where creators share content related to books, reading, and writing. It includes everything from reviews and recommendations to humorous memes and writing tips.

Over the past few years, #BookTok has grown into a thriving community of book lovers and authors. With over 5 million videos and 22 billion views, it’s fair to say this hashtag gains a lot of attention.

This creates an open opportunity for you to promote your book as a self-publishing author!

What Kind of Content is Popular on #BookTok?

Like everywhere else on the internet, trends are king on TikTok. Staying on top of trends will help the algorithm favor your content so you can reach out to more people.

As far as trending content goes, TikTok users are especially interested in fantasy and Young Adult genres. This isn’t surprising since most users on TikTok are kids and teens. If your book falls into either of these genres, or you’re writing to a younger audience, TikTok is a great platform for reaching your readers.

Fandom is also popular on TikTok, with Twilight and Harry Potter content particularly iconic on the platform. You can relate to the interests of your audience by highlighting any fantasy in your book or trying a few trends.

You can show you have similar interests by dressing up as a fan-favorite character or acting out a scene from your book. Maybe you can do a Q&A or a reaction video to the latest rumors within your fandom community. There are endless ways you can build relationships with potential readers.

Writing tips are also very popular on #BookTok, and young writers are always looking for advice from up-and-coming authors. Engage with your audience by sharing your personal tips and inspiration when it comes to the self-publishing process.

#AuthorsofTikTok is another popular hashtag that focuses on authors and their work. Promote your book here by using it in the caption or comment section of your videos to spread awareness.

How You Can Market Your Self-Published Book on TikTok

Book marketing has never been easier thanks to the latest advancements in technology and social media. With the click of a button, you can share your work with millions of people instantly. But before you hit “publish,” consider a few of these items first.

Use the Algorithm to Your Advantage

Once a user starts to look for certain kinds of content, they’re recommended more of that content in their feed. That’s why it’s important to stay consistent with your posting and create content that’s relevant to what’s popular.

Pay attention to what’s trending, and see how you can take your own spin on something that everyone is trying.

Engage With Your Audience

You don’t want to seem like you’re only interested in selling your book. It’s important to develop your persona naturally and to engage with your audience regularly.

Forming a relationship with your audience helps you keep their attention as they form an emotional investment in you and your work. It’s easy to do this by following other like-minded creators and readers and starting conversations in the comment section.

Post Regularly

If your audience comes to expect content from you at certain intervals or times, try your best to maintain that schedule and stay consistent.

If you’re known for posting daily, you need to keep up that momentum. Slowing down can take a toll on how often your videos are shown — so make sure you’re confident with your schedule and workload from the beginning.

When you decide to publish content is just as important as staying consistent. For example, if your content is geared toward working moms, you won’t want to host a live event during the workday. Instead, you might want to wait until the evening or the weekend to make sure as many viewers as possible can tune in.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Always use hashtags when posting on TikTok. Use popular (ex. #Books) and niche (ex. #BooksOnDiversity) hashtags to cover a wide variety of users. Aim for at least 2 types of each, and experiment with different trends.

You can be creative here, hashtags can reference all sorts of things from holidays to fandoms. Check out what’s popular at the time, and make sure your hashtags reflect trends while staying relevant to your content.

Make Short Videos

Videos that are a few seconds long do very well on TikTok because they’re quick and can be easily watched while scrolling.

TikTok’s algorithm also favors content that’s watched until the end, making shorter videos more valuable. While you won’t always be able to keep a TikTok to 10 seconds, try your best to keep them as brief as you can.

Stay on Top of Trends

As mentioned earlier, trends are essential when gaining a following online. Be sure your videos appeal to your audience by referencing trends they’re interested in.

For example, #WhatIsThisPersonReadingRightNow is a trending hashtag where people make quick and catchy videos over @kathyellendavis’ voice clip showing off what they’ve been reading. If you’re feeling sentimental, you can highlight a book that made you emotional under the #BooksThatMadeMeCry hashtag.

Trends are surprisingly simple and relatable. It’s easy to join in and bring some attention to your work by incorporating what’s trending.

Make Your Mark With Social Media

TikTok can be an incredibly helpful tool if you’re self-publishing a book, and it’s a great way to engage with your audience.

Whether you’re a budding comic-book artist or have a series of board books for tots already in mind, social media can be an effective way to market your book and interact with your fanbase in a fun way.

Being on TikTok is a great way to capture attention, but so is keeping up with the latest publishing trends. If you want to reach out to people effectively, you’ll need to compete with what’s popular right now

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