Amazon Prime Day 2023, Are you ready to sell more books?

Amazon Prime Day is sometimes referred to as  Christmas in July. It’s a day or two of incredible deals and sales for Amazon Prime members. This year Prime Day is July 11th-12.

Amazon Prime Day Stats relevant to Authors

  • Prime members in the U.S. purchased more than 60,000 items per minute during the 2022 event.
  • Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide during Prime Day 2022.
  • Prime members saved $1.7Billion due to discounts
  • Strong results for cruelty-free brands and eco-conscious brands.

Amazon’s Influence is so big that other large retailers ran their own promotions aligning dates with Amazon Prime Day (Target Day Deals, Best Buy Black Friday in July, Walmart Deals for Days)

As an author, you can position yourself to take advantage of the madness that descends on Amazon on July 11th and 12th.  

Review your book listing

  1. Make sure you have good photos of your book, after all online shopping is a visual experience.
  2. Write compelling descriptions and clearly let the reader know what makes your book unique. If your book is written for children, make sure that your description is written to entice an adult to purchase it for a child.
  3. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Reviews are one of the most important tools Amazon uses to rank your book. Ask your past customers repeatedly to leave a review. Within the first few days of receiving a new item is when you are most likely to get a review, so ask early, and make sure to follow-up.
  4. Keywords – update your keywords readers use to find your book. A good way to do this is to test out your keywords by typing them into Amazon and seeing what results come up. Are the search results relevant to your book?
  5. Inventory – does Amazon have your book in stock, if not, send them more via FBA.


  1. Prime Exclusive Discounts
  2. Coupons
  3. Create a Promotion
  4. Amazon Ads – Improve visibility, reach new customers, and jump to the top of search results

Have you claimed your Amazon Author Page?

It’s free and gives you instant credibility, SEO, and ways to sell more books. An Author’s profile is like your business card telling readers your story. Engage readers by letting them know why you’re writing. Use professional headshots for your profile photo. You can upload video interviews, link to your other books online, and generate return customers. The Amazon algorithm will automatically re-rank your book with every copy sold and move you up higher in search results.

Need More Help?

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