Read an extract from I am the planets, I am the stars, I am stardust by Jennifer Sinclair

Now Your Child Can Explore Their Place in the Universe! Astrology expert Jenn Sinclair breaks down the complicated practice of astrology into an entertaining and easy-to-use guide for children of all ages. Introduce your family to their birth chart, formed by the planets in the sky at the exact moment they were born. Your birth chart describes your personality, emotions, moods, strengths, and the many other parts of you that make you one of a kind. This adorable and educational illustrated children’s book utilizes relatable pizza metaphors to help even the youngest learners to The energetic roles of each of the planets What zodiac signs reveal about our personality traits Which specific part of your life each of the 12 houses represent How to easily add all these ingredients together to learn more about yourself! Included in the book are two sticker sheets and 2 blank charts where the child can create their personal birth chart. Adults will love this too! Jenn believes just as you are unique, your story here on earth is too. You are the planets, you are the stars, you are stardust.

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