Read an extract from Spooky Things by Chris Raimo

My name is Chris Raimo and I am an illustrator of all things paranormal, spooky and weird. By day I am a graphic designer for action figure packaging/product developer for a toy company, but by night when the full moon is out, I transform into a hideous creature hell-bent on spreading his strange artwork on the world!

So why are we here? Well I’d love to share my work collected into a book called simply “Spooky Things: The Art of Chris Raimo” is a collection of my illustrations, sketches, and my 3 recent series (Gloomora Gloomsworth, 31 Urban Legends of October, The Advent Calendar of Horror) into one hardcover book! Check out some samples below:

"Sleepy Hollow"
"The Polter-guests"
Sample of the "Gloomora Gloomsworth" Series
Sample of the "31 Urban Legends of October" Series
Sample of the "Advent Calendar of Horror" Series