Climate Week Statement from The Owner of PufferPrint

With megafires burning in the western part of our continent and unprecedented hurricanes on the east coast, climate change is no longer a future abstraction, it’s here and we must reckon with it. 

Yet even in times like this, for better or for worse, I’m an optimist. I believe there is a way for business and a stable climate to co-exist. 

As a book printing company for self-published authors, we recognize that there are some obvious pain points to address :

  • Paper comes from trees.
  • Printing machines require energy & potentially toxic ink.
  • Overseas production means shipping goods all over the world, contributing to air- and sea-shipping-based carbon emissions.  

At PufferPrint, we’ve taken a major shift in the way we do business and are redefining what PufferPrint stands for. Since late 2019, we’ve implemented several policies that are just the beginning of a company-wide commitment to not just being “sustainable,” but for our success to actually result in a better, more habitable planet. 

So how are we achieving this? 

To start, we’ve already calculated and offset all our 2019 emissions through our friends at Climate Neutral Certified.  This was achieved by working to reduce our operating emissions as much as possible by changing the way we ship orders. 

We offset the remainder by supporting global projects such as Small Hydropower in China and Forest Conservation in Zimbabwe, which reduce emissions and provide other economic, environmental, and social co-benefits to local communities.

Simply being carbon neutral isn’t enough. If the entire economy were to shift to clean energy tomorrow, the carbon dioxide emissions currently in our atmosphere would continue to warm the planet beyond safe levels. According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 2018 report, we also need to figure out how to draw that carbon out of the atmosphere.  Those technologies and pathways are rapidly developing to meet the need.  

PufferPrint is in discussions with several startups that will purchase certified carbon-removal to offset all emissions resulting from our operations. 

Our goal is that by the end of 2020, we will ensure that for each book printed, we are supporting companies that physically remove twice the amount of carbon from the atmosphere as it took to produce and ship the book itself.  

Our goal is to not just offer the highest quality and most affordable offset-printed books. Our goal is for self-published authors to rest assured that when they choose PufferPrint as their book printer, they can actually make the world a better place.

PufferPrint would love to help you accomplish just that. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more information. To start your climate-neutral printing journey you can also request a free quote and we will provide close communication throughout the entire process. 

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