Finishing that Book During Covid-19

I think we all need a project during this time, and if you’re an author or aspiring author, finally completing that book you’ve been working on might be the single best thing you can do for the economy, for your family, and for yourself right now! Read on to learn more, or scroll to the bottom to check out the video blog I made on the same topic, from outer space.

I’ve got 2 little ones at home and we’re burning through our kids and adult-books at an unprecedented rate these days. I’m going to be on the lookout for new material for both adults and kiddos, so PLEASE, PLEASE let’s create more content for our kids to read.
Let’s break that down: 

  1.  Economy- you can complete your entire book remotely and have a product to sell at the end of it.  A product that folks stuck at home are going to need more than ever.  When you write a book lots of people benefit: 
    1. You- of course- when you’ve got a book to sell
    2. Your illustrator (if that’s not you)
    3. Your web-designer (if you create a website for your book).  I use Fiverr right now for all of my web-design needs, that hires designers from all around the world who are responsive, professional, and perhaps most of all, will be very appreciative for the work at the moment
    4. Your printer (hopefully me but whoever you choose), and our entire print team. 
    5. The clean energy economy (PufferPrint is 100% carbon neutral and so we work with an offset company to offset all emissions associated with our office, production, and shipping)
    6. Shipping companies- you’re keeping these people in business. Shipping is one of the only sectors of the economy that’s hiring/growing at the moment. (See our other posts for updates on global shipping during Covid-19)
    7. And because product lifecycles are SUPER complicated- I’ve probably forgotten all of the paper, glue, binding suppliers, our print team. 
  2. Your Family: Writing a book can bring in some cash in this must needed time.  Whether you go the Kickstarter route, amazon, or your own website, I truly believe that the economy for kids reading material is going to grow or at least won’t shrink during this time when schools are canceled, & parents need something educational and entertaining for their kids. 
  3. Your mental health: let’s face it, I’m putting this out in week #3 of self-quarantine and the experts are saying this could last through August, and that we could be seeing a rolling in and out of self-quarantine over the next year or more, we need to focus on our own sanity more than ever.  Having a passion project is great because it gives you something to focus on besides news and being home-bound.  It gives you an excuse for some solo time, and it should give you something to look forward to.  We all need a project during this time. 

Thanks for reading!  If you’ve got thoughts to share, drop something in the comments below, if you’ve got questions for me, hit me up at (contact info is in the video information) and I’m wishing you all to stay healthy, happy and safe during this time.

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