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“PufferPrint’s price point allowed me to produce my illustrated book exactly how I wanted to, without compromising quality or length, and still come in under my budget. Their team was responsive and informative throughout the printing process, which is a nerve-wracking period for a first-time author. When I finally laid my hands on the printed copies, I could feel the care and professionalism they’d put in along the way to ensure their books come out the best they can possibly be.”

–  Alex Jeffries  ( Monstrous Me )

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Jeff Geraghty  ( Lulu’s Bonfire )  –

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–  Martina Wing  ( Notch, the Rescued Dolphin )

–  http://www.mantarayshawaii.com/

–  https://mantaadvocates.samcart.com/products/order-notch-book