Our Story

We’re betting our story and your story are more similar than you might think.  You see, we’re authors – storytellers much like you.  The only difference between us is the fact that we’ve crawled through the daunting gauntlet that is printing and publishing – many times, in fact.  But through these treacherous travels, we’ve come to know quite well each and every step that’s best to take.


But to flip the calendar back even further, we’re a group of authors who’ve written various works throughout their time from children’s books to comic books and quite literally, everything in between.  We’ve self published, we’ve sold works to larger publishers, and we’ve even made use of Kickstarter campaigns – gaining a following from the wonderful world of backers over there!  And so, after so many solo runs through that process, we’ve chosen to band together and lend our help to others who wish to follow in these storytelling footsteps.  And of course, because we’ve all been through it many times before, we’ve learned a lot – and we mean a WHOLE lot – including, but not nearly limited to:


We know which pitfalls to avoid – and how to avoid them.

We know how to secure the best quality for the best price – evading the less than savory individuals of the trade.

We know how to take a story from concept all the way through to finished and bound books on shelves.

We know how to get all of this done quickly!


And so we’re incredibly excited to have you with us as we take yet another plunge into the realm of printing, but this time we’ll be taking you and your book along for the ride!